Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A bit of stuff and Nos. 85, 86, 87 and 88

Life certainly changes too fast. I've been distracted from blogging and dyeing fabric
for weeks now. My oldest granddaughter and I visited Williamsburg a couple weeks ago;
it was her belated high school graduation trip -- great fun.
The day after we got home, I had outpatient surgery to remove the tip
of a sewing machine needle from a finger. Ouch! Both when it happened months ago
and during the recovery. The bandages made keyboarding challenging.
The healing process is going smoothly
The 'time off' gave me time to think about my next quilt
which may actually be two quilts on the same theme.

Okay, back to fabrics I've dyed.
Nos. 85 and 86 were attempts to get dark blacks via ice dyeing.
#85 mixed black with intense blue. Eh.
Nice texture but not black enough.

No. 86 mixed black and kelly green. Curious.
Not sure how these colors appeared, but the tyvek label was #86.

No. 87 is simply ultra violet.
I can always use more purply fabric.

No. 88 is simply basic red.

In between the trip, surgery, work and trying to blog, 
I enrolled in two Photoshop Elements class online
with the Pixeladies. Enjoyable and good stuff to learn. 
I highly recommend their classes.

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