Saturday, October 22, 2011

First blog - what a challenge!

Okay, everyone said this would be easy. Well, I guess if I follow directions, it might be. But anyway, here I go - joining the world of bloggers. One day I may get the header to look the way I want it to look, but for now, this works.

The real purpose of this blog, for now, is to follow my journey to the ACC show in February 2012. Oh, I forgot, I juried into the Baltimore ACC Show. This has been a dream for the past 19 years when I started my new life as a full-time artist. And it's happening NOW. As my daughter said, I need to get to work and make stuff. But first, I thought I would show a couple of the slides that I used to jury into the show.

This is Cactus Flowers, which was inspired by my trip to New Mexico a few years ago.

Another quilt inspired by New Mexico, Great Spirit includes some images from petroglyphs.

Back to work, more later about the piece I am working on today.

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