Saturday, May 5, 2012

The clouds got in the way

At least for a while and hid the "super moon". So, I made my dinner. Then, the clouds parted and the big moon was right there, outside my back door. It's always exciting to see a full moon and this one seemed larger (or am I just seeing what I heard about). Anyway, it is lovely and I am happy to see it.
I've not been blogging very much lately and now I feel I should catch up a bit. So, here's a bit of what I've been up to lately.

I've been feeling less than creative for a few weeks and quickly got tired of that. I spent a few days stamping, stencilling and printing some fabric. I tried two versions of a flour resist. One failed totally - I tried to create a screen, but made the flour paste way too thick. The other worked better - I covered a piece of previously dyed fabric with the paste and designed a bit in it; let it dry, then painted it. I read in someone's blog a tip about using a spoon to remove the dried flour - that worked very well (sorry I can't remember whose blog, but I am thankful). Here it is still messy,  then cleaned up. It has possibilities.
As I was uploading photos, I bumped into the shots from the Peep Show at our  local arts council. This is an annual event that brings in huge numbers of people and is a great fundraiser. It's a wonderful display of creativity. The only requirement is that you must use those marshmallow peeps. Here's the top vote getter - it also won the prize for using the most peeps.
I'm working on a commission right now - a memory gift. I was given a group of shirts from Judy's Dad that are becoming a quilt for her Mom. We chose twelve blocks from Mimi Dietrich's Diary Quilt book and will fill in with some sashing of a solid color. It's been fun to do some very traditional blocks - and those are enough for now. I have all the blocks finished to show her and then can do the rest. She originally wanted it for Christmas - I'm happy to get it done early. It could be a nice gift for Father's Day.

Tomorrow I'm leading another session of the Praying with Watercolors for some cancer survivors. Then it's back to a usual week -- bookkeeping, Bella, book group.

I finally registered for QSDS in Ohio. This will be my first time there and I am excited about going. Can't wait for some new tricks and ideas.

Enough for tonight. Be well. Karen

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