Saturday, June 23, 2012

Surprises are great

I made it to Friday, the day of the ice melt - finally. The fabrics were lovely. I am often more pleased with the results of ice dyeing than regular batch dyeing in containers. And this time I got a very pleasant surprise, sorta an added benefit.

As an attempt to keep ice from falling through the grid where I arrange the fabric for ice dyeing, I covered the grid

with a piece of muslin (the kind I use for backing fabric). It worked well. The ice stayed on top of the fabric. When I picked the fabric up, I was surprised to find a nice grid design on the two pieces of muslin.

Hmm, I'm using them again today with two more ice dyes. I'm curious to see how they look after more dye in different colors. I might have to consider using them for something.

What has surprised you lately?


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